Our plantable hangtags have arrived!!

19 December 2013

Our plantable hangtags have arrived!!

"paradise is always where love dwells"  Plant these seeded hangtags and watch it bloom!

Let's face it- hangtags are useless after purchase. Even the coolest hangtag design ends up in the trash or hidden away is some drawer eventually. This is why we decided to do something good for the world and print our hangtags on recycled paper embedded with wild flower seeds!

Follow theses simple steps and watch your hangtag turn into a wild flower patch!  

1. Remove hangtag from garment.

2. Cover hangtag with moist soil.

3. Place in direct sunlight.

4. Water regularly.

5. flowers should begin to sprout in 2-4 weeks

6. Take lots of pictures.

7. Post on social media with #watchisleponilobloom for a chance to win swimwear and other tropical treats!

8. Repeat steps 1 through 7  and watch your garden and swimwear collection flourish!

Isle Poni Lo loves you. xx